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Rental Property Insurance

Renting out properties can be a profitable business. But just like any other business, the business owner—or landlord—has responsibilities to ensure their business’s success. Rental property insurance helps financially protect rental property owners if they experience a covered loss.

What Does Rental Property Insurance Cover?

Rental property insurance may cover damage to a property’s structure and the landlord’s personal belongings, such as appliances or maintenance equipment. This coverage may also offer liability protection for legal or medical costs if a tenant or guest is injured due to a property maintenance issue. Coverage may also extend to loss of rental income if the landlord cannot rent their property because of a covered loss.

Rental property insurance is often supplemented with additional coverage that may offer cost savings later. Some of these other coverages include:

  • Building code insurance may cover costs incurred by bringing a building up to code after damage.
  • Business interruption insurance helps cover lost business income if the property is shut down due to property damage.
  • Flood insurance may help protect a property in a flood-prone zone since standard rental property insurance doesn’t typically cover losses due to flooding.
  • Vandalism insurance helps pay for any damage done by vandalism. This is normally not covered under the property insurance, so if the building is in a place where this may occur, it is important to ask your insurance agent if it should be added to your commercial property insurance.
  • Commercial property insurance purchased by the landlord does not cover the tenant’s personal possessions. It only covers the building, other structures on your rental property and the landlord’s personal property.

We Can Help

Rental property insurance is essential if you’re a landlord with rental properties. Proper insurance can protect your financial livelihood. Anzar Insurance Group LLC can help you with your property insurance needs. Call us today to get started.